Uplift Ministries is the brainchild of Kim Hersel. A Bible study teacher for over 20 years, Kim’s passion lies in helping women draw closer to God. She believes that, in order to draw closer to Him, women must not only have an intimate knowledge of who He has revealed Himself to be, but also an accurate picture of who they are. 

To that end, she writes studies that draw from her personal experiences, her constant and in-depth study of God’s Word, and the wisdom of teachers, preachers, and missionaries from all eras. Two of her favorites are George MacDonald, a Scottish pastor and writer whose connection to creation and God permeates all his works, and C.S. Lewis, whose journey from atheism to Christianity is a lesson to us all.

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Amberle is Kim’s oldest daughter. A self-styled elf princess, she exists in a lovely world full of magic. She just recently began digital marketing, after a 13-year-long career as a nanny for four children. Because of her love for words, Amberle is frequently Kim’s editor, in addition to the website designer and social marketer. 

“Make me passionate and wholehearted to fulfill Your every wish, so that I’ll never have to be ashamed of myself.”

Psalms 119:80


Kim’s life experiences would easily fill volumes. She grew up in a turbulent era, with parents who were lackadaisical in their dealings with their children. She married young and, although they have been married for over 40 years, she and her husband have not had the most peaceful marriage. In addition, she raised three daughters, all of whom are now in their 30s, and each of whom had their own struggles. Kim has a finger on the pulse of what women of all ages and from all aspects of life struggle with, which allows her to write studies that speak to the heart of women.


Chelsea is Kim’s middle daughter, and she thrives around people. As the only extrovert in a family of five, she takes her role of relating to others very seriously. 

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