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Our boxes would be nothing without the studies that they hold. Each one of our studies is researched and crafted by Kim Hersel, and each is designed to bring women closer to God and enrich their walk with Him. From a study of who God is to a study of who we are supposed to be, our studies focus on truth: the truth God has given us and the truth we as women need to believe.

If you would like to share a story or suggest a topic you would like to see covered in one of our studies, please feel free to contact us.

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Currently Available Studies

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Destination: Eternity

Before we can know who we are or our purpose and mission on Earth, we have to know who God is. In Destination: Eternity, Kim walks us through God’s non-moral and moral attributes, and then how those attributes lead us to one of two places in Eternity. Pulling from numerous theologians from all eras, Destination: Eternity is a solid look at the eternal, immortal, loving God, and how even Hell fulfills His true character.

Golden crown laying on book in shaft of light, purple title To Wear a Fragile Crown, purple author name Kim Hersel

To Wear a Fragile Crown

There are words that haunt each of us – words like inconvenient, invisible, inadequate, insufficient, ineffective, and incomplete. But are they the truth? Are we women who are defined solely by where we work, who our family is, or what we can do for others? Or is there a deeper truth? In To Wear a Fragile Crown, Kim reminds us that we are princesses, beloved daughters of the King of Kings, but on this Earth our crowns are fragile. The lies of those words tarnish our reflections. We must learn how to wear our crowns so we honor the Father who made us as His image-bearers.

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Sacred Legacy

When Jesus left His disciples, He didn’t leave them alone. He sent the Holy Spirit upon them, and it is the legacy of each believer that has come since to have the Holy Spirit indwelling us. With the Holy Spirit comes special gifts, things that every believer has, although not every believer has all of them. The gifts range from the gift of mercy and the gift of administration to the gift of healing and the gift of prophecy. In Sacred Legacy, Kim studies what each of those gifts are, and how to apply them in our lives. Accompanied by a test that helps believers discover what their gifts are, Kim also discusses the potential pitfalls for each gift. Sacred Legacy allows women to more effectively serve God where He has placed you, with the gifts He has given you.

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An Excellent Woman: A New Take on Proverbs 31

The Proverbs 31 woman has been the bane of many women’s lives for many years. A seemingly perfect, put-together, hardworking woman, she is hard to relate to in a time where getting up before dawn to instruct maidservants is not a situation many of us find ourselves in. In An Excellent Woman, Kim explores the wisdom found in the description of the Proverbs 31 woman, puts them squarely in the context of the 21st century, and discusses how we can honor God and become “an excellent woman.” Contrary to the prevailing belief, the Proverbs 31 woman is not a condemnation of any woman who doesn’t fit into the box, but rather is a series of guidelines as to how a woman can live her life well. Ranging from how she consumes social media to how she handles money, Kim makes Proverbs 31 relevant and encouraging.

Upcoming Studies

Savor the Abundance: A Study on the Fruit of the Spirit

The Glass Ornaments: A Study on Overcoming Abuse

Relentless Communion: A Study on Prayer

Run with Abandon: A Study on Overcoming Fear

Promise Stones: A Study about Seeking God and Showing Love

Counter the Culture: A Study about being a Christian in the Post-Postmodern World

Ecclesiastes: A Study on the Search for Meaning

Shards: A Study on the Church

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