“Look at the birds in the sky…how much more precious to Him are you?” – Jesus Christ

Elevate Your Life

Uplift Ministries produces Bible study boxes for women. Kim Hersel, author and CEO, started Uplift Ministries to bring renewal to the relationship women have with God, elevating their lives from the mundane to the transcendental. As George MacDonald said, in the book Donal Grant, “To know God as the beginning and end, the root and the cause, the giver, the enabler, the love and joy and perfect good, the present one existence in all things and degrees and conditions, is life”. 

We understand how easy it is to allow life to overwhelm us, which is why Kim began Uplift Ministries. With original 6-week Bible studies delivered directly to your door, video lessons, and a beautifully curated, responsibly-sourced, and unique gift to enhance the study, our boxes are perfect for personal Bible study, small group study, or fellowship with a larger group of women. 

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Our Products

Our Bible study boxes for women include:

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Original Bible Studies

Written by Kim Hersel, each study speaks to an aspect of life as a God-seeking woman, from a new look at the Proverbs 31 woman to spiritual gifts and their application and pitfalls in life. Check them out here!


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Gift Boxes

Each gift enhances the study and brings beauty and blessing to the recipient.

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Video Lessons

Kim has taught women’s Bible studies in person for over 30 years. Each lesson explains and enhances the study, drawing women into a deeper understanding of and relationship with our Creator. 


“You have a beautiful gift of knowledge and of sharing it with women in a beautiful way!”

– Krista

Kim Hersel has been writing and teaching Bible studies for over 30 years. She has been married for 40-plus years, and raised three daughters. She is constantly seeking a deeper understanding and knowledge of God, as she strives to serve Him in every aspect of life. 

“So we have the prophetic word made more sure, to which you would do well to pay attention as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star arises in your hearts.” 2 Peter 1:19 (NASB)



“THANK YOU Kim for all of your hard work in writing this Bible Study and sharing your wisdom to help us to see ourselves as Christ sees us…helping us to believe with every ounce of our being that we are loved with an everlasting love just as we are…created in His image…part of His royal family!!”

– Jan

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